Leadership lesson from 2023 – a story of a powerful lion and a clever rabbit

As this year is slowly coming to an end, following the great example of Charles Dickens, I would like to share two leadership stories, which are inspired by true events I’ve witnessed this year.

One day, in the heart of the Animal Kingdom, two prominent figures caught the attention of the entire kingdom. Ryan, the diligent rabbit, worked tirelessly for the kingdom’s prosperity. Cedric, a proud and powerful lion, held a high position and was in charge of making important decisions.

Cedric, however, decided to let go of Ryan from his duties, citing reasons that seemed surprising and unjust to many in the Animal Kingdom. The news spread like wildfire, and whispers of discontent echoed through the trees and fields.

Months passed, and the kingdom observed with keen interest the decisions made by Cedric. To the surprise of many, Cedric’s actions were not well received by his fellow animals. His partners, a coalition of wise and experienced animals, decided that his leadership lacked the wisdom and fairness the kingdom deserved.

One evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon, the partners gathered in a secret meeting. The partners, tired of Cedric’s erratic decisions, concluded that it was time for a change. They believed that a leader should be fair, just, and considerate of the well-being of all animals in the kingdom. After a long deliberation, they made the difficult decision to relieve Cedric of his duties.

Word spread through the Animal Kingdom, and the creatures couldn’t help but draw parallels between the fate of Ryan and Cedric. The wise old owl, Oliver, took it upon himself to share the moral of the story with the kingdom.

“Dear friends,” Oliver, the Owl hooted from his perch, “let this tale be a lesson to us all. In the vast tapestry of the Animal Kingdom, fairness and wisdom are the pillars of good leadership. Treat others with kindness and consideration, for one’s actions have a way of coming full circle.”

… and Ryan? After a few weeks of disappointment, Ryan, the rabbit, found himself exploring new territories within the Animal Kingdom. In a distant meadow, he stumbled upon a diverse community of animals facing challenges and seeking a leader. With resilience and determination, Ryan stepped forward to offer his guidance. The animals quickly recognized his fairness, empathy, experience, and wisdom traits that had been overlooked by his previous employer. In this new stimulating environment, Ryan flourished as a leader, fostering a sense of unity and cooperation among the diverse group of animals. Together, they thrived in harmony, proving that sometimes, a setback can lead to an even brighter and more fulfilling chapter in one’s journey.

Stay tuned for the next leadership fable on the New Year’s Eve!

Happy Holidays, my friends! Thank you for being a part of my journey!