Podcast on Negotiation

As a negotiation professor, I’ve spent my academic career trying to answer a question what it means to negotiate well and helping my students and executives achieve better negotiation results.

In the Podcast on Negotiation, I invite negotiation scholars and professionals to discuss the most recent research findings, analyze ongoing negotiations, and review negotiation strategies and tactics that really work!

Here is the list of all episodes we have produced so far:

Episodes in 2024:

  • On Star Wars and conflict resultion with Jen Reynolds and Noam Ebner
  • On experience in negotiation with Mike Inman
  • On ransomware negotiations with Pim Takkenberg
  • On how to negotiate our salary with Michael Philips
  • On applying FBI tactics in business negotiations with Andreas Winheller
  • On how to get what we want in difficult negotiations with Gary Noesner

Episodes in 2023:

  • On how to win deals and influence stakeholders with Mark Raffan
  • On negotiating mergers and acquisitions with Bill Snow
  • On negotiation essentials with Keld Jensen
  • On the power of negotiation practice with Philip Brown
  • On how to negotiate like a champion with the winners of The Negotiation Challenge for Professionals
  • On the dynamics of international negotiations with Stephen Weiss
  • On young diplomats with Hans van den Berg
  • On how to negotiate when negotiating makes us nervous with Moshe Cohen
  • On negotiating international commercial contracts with Michael Mcilwrath
  • On how to influence internal stakeholders with Giuseppe Conti
  • On what’s wrong with negotiation pedagogy with Sherman Roberts
  • On world changing negotiations for 2023 with Jack Nasher

Episodes in 2022:

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