I am deeply indebted to my friend Peter Kesting and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management for allowing me to make the first teaching experiences in the area of negotiation, which eventually led to my first Negotiation course in 2005 at the beginning of my PhD program.  Since then, my course has become an integral part of the HHL’s curriculum and is taught in its graduate programs.  The students seem to recognize its value for their personal and professional development and express their appreciation in their course evaluations and granted awards (e.g. Best Visiting Professor).  In 2016, in recognition of my commitment, HHL awarded me the title of  Honorary Professor, which I am very proud of and happy about. 

For many years, I was affiliated with the School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University and taught a Negotiation Course during the Summer University.  When my course was first added to the curriculum, we started with 8 students. Over the years, the course grew to become one of the most popular summer courses at AU.

The list of my affiliations would not be complete without IESEG School of Management, where I taught Decisions and Negotiation and Negotiation Research Seminar between 2009 and 2012.  Together with my friend and a passionate negotiation scholar late Ian Speakman, we have developed probably one of the most extensive programs on negotiation and conflict resolution in Europe.  I loved my teaching sessions in Lille and Paris, lively discussions with the negotiation faculty, and excellent French cuisine.  Great memories!

I have also taught at Lanzhou University School of Management.  I do admit that in my ignorance, I had absolutely no idea, where Lanzhou is but with its 3.6 million inhabitants, it is larger than Berlin, the largest city in Germany (3.3 million) and over twice the size of Warsaw (1.7 million).  Almost a metropolis by European standards, does not even make the top 30 most populous cities in China.  Kind and warmhearted students, always willing to introduce me to the meanders of their history, 5 millenniums of great heritage, and their delicious cuisine.  Loved it!

Since 2020, I’m also a Visiting Professor at ESCP Business School in Berlin, where over the years, my negotoiation course has become one of the most popular and best-evaluated electives in the bachelor program.