Leaders as Negotiators: Padmé vs. Palpatine

We’re thrilled to announce that our chapter on Leaders as Negotiators including a structured comparison of Padmé and Palpatine has just been published in a book edited by Jen Reynolds and Noam Ebner: “Star Wars and Conflict Resolution II“!

In our chapter, based on the framework introduced by Jeswald Salacuse in “Real Leaders Negotiate“, we explore the contrasting leadership and negotiation styles of these influential leaders and the profound impact they had on the fate of the galaxy. While Padmé epitomizes diplomacy, empathy, and a commitment to peaceful resolution, Palpatine embodies manipulation, deceit, and a relentless pursuit of power.

Throughout the “Star Wars” saga, Padmé Amidala, the former queen and senator of Naboo, emerges as a beacon of hope and resilience. Her negotiation tactics are grounded in compassion and a genuine desire for the greater good. Padmé navigates complex political landscapes with integrity and courage, striving to bridge divides and forge alliances.

In stark contrast stands Emperor Palpatine, a master manipulator and orchestrator of chaos. Concealed behind a facade of benevolence, Palpatine exploits fear and uncertainty to advance his sinister agenda. His negotiation tactics are shrouded in deception and coercion, serving only his insatiable thirst for domination.

Padmé’s unwavering commitment to dialogue and compromise teaches us the power of empathy and understanding in resolving disputes. Conversely, Palpatine’s cunning strategies shed light on the dangers of manipulation and the importance of vigilance in safeguarding against tyranny.

“Star Wars and Conflict Resolution II” offers a unique lens through which to examine timeless principles of negotiation and conflict. Through the lens of this epic saga, the authors explore the complexities of human (and alien) interaction and the enduring struggle between light and darkness.

May the Force be with you!

2024 Gregory Kersten GDN Journal Best Paper Award

We are delighted to share that our paper Beyond the First Offer: Decoding Negotiation Openings and Their Impact on Economic and Subjective Outcomes, co-authored by Wolfram Lipp, Peter Kesting, and me has been awarded with 2024 Gregory Kersten GDN Journal Best Paper Award!

I remember how happy we all were when the paper got accepted by the Group Decision and Negotiation journal, but none of us ever thought it would earn us this prestigious award!

In our paper, we report on the results of two empiracal studies that suggest that counteroffers similarly to the first offers affect negotiation outcomes. We also introduce the concept of an “anchor zone” between initial and counter offers, which significantly influences final agreements.

The paper is a result of a great collaboration project between Technical University of Munich, Aarhus University, and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Thank you Wolfram and Peter for our long discussions and endless revisions. I genuinely enjoyed every minute, and it was definitely worth it!

The paper is available in open access and can be viewed and downloaded here. Please let us know what you think!