I am driven by three passions:  theory and practice of negotiation, innovation and volleyball.

Negotiation is by far the strongest of my passions.  Discovered by a coincidence, if you believe in them, it has determined a big chunk of my adult live.  A PhD, a bit of research, lots of teaching, The Negotiation Challenge, honorary professorship.  And all this because at some point my boss took me to an M&A negotiation and asked for my active support.

I have always loved technology and have been fascinated with how it changes our everyday lives.  The rise of mobile phones, later smartphones, and tablets, prices, accessibility and speed of internet connections, availability of storage, and constant increase of computing capacities.  I feel very privileged that I can pursue my passion for technology and innovations in my job.

The last one is also the oldest.  I started practicing volleyball very early, probably around the 5th grade or so, and it has been an amazing adventure since then.  Lots of nice teammates, great coaches, countless hours in gyms, glorious taste of victories and the bitterness of losses.  Altogether, over quarter of a century.