On purpose-driven mediation with Joanna Kalowski

Joanna Kalowski is an experienced mediator, facilitator and judicial educator. She is the Founder and Managing Director of a management consultancy specialising in dispute resolution, cross-cultural communication and organisational development. For over twenty years, Joanna has worked in Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and India. Joanna has also run workshops in Italy, Germany, England, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland and France. She has mediated over 300 cases: indigenous land claims, environmental matters, community involvement in public infrastructure projects, commercial, industrial and academic disputes.

With Joanna we discuss the very core of a mediator’s job, it’s purpose. We talk about why mediators become mediators and what should drive their efforts. Joanna shares her experience on how to reconcile core values and beliefs with commercial interests. She also reveals the secret of successful mediators and share her advice for the young generation of mediators.

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