On key success factors in the EU negotiations with Alain Guggenbühl

European Union was designed to handle complex multi-issue, often multilateral negotiations between the Member States and external stakeholders. Alain Guggenbühl, PhD has analyzed countless EU negotiations and derived key success factors that we can learn from them. In our podcast:

  • we discuss the EU’s negotiation competencies and how they can be improved,
  • we look at the main negotiation challenges of the EU diplomats and how to master them
  • we go through Alain’s 6 success factors in the EU negotiations
  • Alain explains why Talleyrand was the greatest negotiator of all times

Alain is a founder of DNA Consulting Europe, a Brussels based company advising on the processes of diplomacy, negotiation, and arbitration of interests. He has specialized in the science of negotiation in two ways. First academically, by teaching courses and publishing on EU policy-making, negotiation theory, and international negotiations. Second, by working with officials and diplomats from EU institutions and national administrations on the management of interstate and interinstitutional negotiations. He has also directed an EU Law Office in Brussels and managed litigations. He holds a PhD in Political and Social Sciences from Université catholique de Louvain, two master degrees from the College of Europe, and has graduated in International Public Affairs.

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