On negotiation and dispute resolution for lawyers with Barney Jordaan


Barney Jordaan, negotiation professor at Vlerick Business School, has just published his new book: “Negotiation and Dispute Resolution for Lawyers” and during our podcast, we take a closer look it and discuss the most important lessons we can learn from it.

Barney originally comes from South Africa and is a lawyer by training. Having obtained a BA (law) LLB and a doctorate in law from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, he started his academic career and became professor of law at his alma mater. He has held multiple appointments as visiting professors at some of the best law and business schools in South Africa and Europe.Over the years, Barney has successfully combined his accomplished academic career with legal practice in the areas of employment relations, negotiation, mediation and dispute/conflict resolution. He is a seasoned international mediator, served as external consultant to The World Bank Group’s Office of Mediation Services and has helped resolve some of the most complex disputes and conflict around the world.

With Barney we discuss:

  • seismic changes in the legal practice
  • whether legal negotiations are distinctly different from other negotiations
  • why laywers need a dedicated book on negotiation and dispute resolution.
  • why Barney decided to write it
  • what the book is all about and who and why should read it
  • most common mistakes laywers make in their negotiations
  • Barney’s recommendations for young lawyers.
  • whether lawyers are good negotiators

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