On PON, PIN, POINT and great negotiators with Paul Meerts

In the first episode of the Podcast on Negotiation, we hosted Paul Meerts, an international expert on diplomatic negotiations, co-founder of The Clingendael Institute, member of the Steering Committee of the Process of International Negotiation (PIN) and the founder of Program on International Negotiation Training (POINT).

With Paul, we talk about his passion for negotiation, and how playing games has led to launching negotiation training for diplomats. We look into the genesis and mission of PON (Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School) and PIN (Process of International Negotiation) and discuss the differences between them. We elaborat on the differences between the European and US negotiating styles and discuss who is a great negotiator and why. Finally, Paul explaines how to deal with egotiators and shares his advice to young negotiators!

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