On negotiation as an organizational capability with Francesco Marchi

Francesco Marchi is Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Director of the Research and Training program “Negotiators of Europe” at the Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation (ESSEC IRENE). Francesco has has trained hundreds, if not thousands officials of various European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, and EEAS), and diplomats around the world. He has also advised and supported countless EU negotiation teams in their most complex bilateral and multilateral negotiations.

With Francesco we talk about:

  • negotiation as an organizational capability
  • organizations’ negotiation maturity
  • how organizations can build their negotiation capabilities and increase their negotiation maturity beyond the skill development on the individual level
  • organizations with the highest negotiation capabilities and explained how they acquired them
  • the EU and its negotiation maturity
  • the outcomes of high negotiation maturity levels in commercial and non-commercial organizations.

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