Shopping for your retirement plan – an innovative investment product of comdirect

Recently, I reported on an innovation price we have recently received for our newly launched Bonus-Sparen product.  In this post I would like to describe briefly what it is and why we decided to offer it.

In Germany only about 9% of the adults invest in the capital market.  Only 9%!  The remaining 91% have lots of reasons why this alternative is not suitable for them but as a matter of fact by keeping their money on their savings accounts, they actually end up decreasing their wealth.  In the times of low, or negative interests rates there is simply no alternative to capital markets.

One of the reasons for avoiding capital markets most frequently stated by our customers is:  it is just too complicated for me.  This is also the reason we decided to tackle with Bonus-Sparen.  Our goal was to come up with a product that reduces customers’ cognitive barriers, doubts and hesitations to the minimum and make investing as simple as… shopping.

With Bonus-Sparen we offer our customers discounts and rebates at major online shops and convert them automatically into ETFs.  It is as simple as it can only be:

Our partner shops are happy because we deliver incremental sales for them.  Our customers are happy because they can buy what they need at discounted prices and because what they save is automatically invested.  We are happy because we help our customers make their first encounters with capital market investments and hope we can convince them that they are not as complicated as it may seem.

We launched Bonus-Sparen in August and even without any advertising, we are observing a constant growth in the customer base.  Shopping for the retirement plan (Shoppen für die Altersvorsorge) might be a product which had been missing in the market and we are very happy we were able to have filled this gap.


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